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Thread: The press conference I am dreading

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    I don't know how I forgot to add "Dan Leberfield, Jets confidential" to his question, I totally meant to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjets1969 View Post
    To tell you the truth if he can become Trent Dilfer that would be good enough. With a RB and a defense the Jets can compete. Dilfer won a SB. Isnt that being too optimistic.
    The Ravens had an all world defense, we don't have one and the D could very well get worse sooner than later. We still will have troubles at safety, we have no viable OLb's and one of our ilbs is shot. Also the game has changes since then, the offenses have been given a large buff over the years.

    We can cherry pick the two cases of a game manager who is not great winning it all in Dilfer and Brad Johnsons but those are the exceptions to the rule and no way to go about building for a championship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vin View Post
    I apologize. Sometimes I get irritated and just let 'er rip...

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    I dread having Rex as a HC next year. The man is a egotistical blowhard!

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    Rex and Sanchez will both be here. Get used to it.


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