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Thread: Which personnel guys leave with new GM?

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    Which personnel guys leave with new GM?

    I'm assuming Woody would like to keep them all considering his past maneuvers. Does Cohen keep his ASST title to keep his job or he bails? I could see Cohen staying on until next season when GM jobs may come available? I would be shocked if Bradway leaves considering his situation..

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    I assume everyone will stay on under their current title until the new GM has a chance to evaluate each of them.

    I assume guys like Cohen and Bradway are safe in their current roles.

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    I pretty much agree. I think Cohen will stay on in 2013 and will actively pursue GM jobs next season (assuming he doesn't get the Jets job).

    I think Bradway can pretty much write his own ticket as a scout. He is respected throughout the league and I think the new GM will definitely keep him. The choice will be Bradway's.

    I could see PP guys like Nissim, Prophett and Wooden leaving if the new GM want his own guys, but they will likely be interviewed/evaluated first. I can also see some of the area scouts leaving or getting fired.

    I think all the business related guy will keep their jobs.


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