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Our last two head coaches were first timers...Mangini and Rex.

I'm not saying prejudices don't exist. I just don't think any owner of a $500M sports franchise is more interested in the race of his coach than winning football games.

For the record, I'd love me some Lovie!
Actually last three. Herm was too. Just before the Rooney rule came in the excuse for the lack of minority HC and GM was there were no coordinators in the NFL. Guarantee if most owners were historically black AND most of the players were too this rule would be necassary the other way. It would take something like that rule to get the owners to consider anyone that was outside their norm. That is just the way people are when always in a closed circle all their life. By interviewing outside the norm that's how you find gems. Remember even the military had to be forced to integrate. It's easy to say things are better because most of have grown up seeing it as the normal thing. Well the NFL has to also see this as normal too. It's getting better but it's not there yet. That's all I'm saying. Not trying to incite anybody. This was in response to a statement on this board posted before.