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Thread: The next Jets QB!

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    How about you don't just draft a QB high because you need one. That is a great way to waste high draft picks.

    If there are better QB prospects coming out next year or even the year after, suck it up, play with who you have, stockpile draft picks.

    If you are not in a position to draft one of the better QB's because the team played better than expected, use your draft pick stockpile to move up and take the QB you REALLY want.

    From everything I hear, this draft class is pretty weak at QB.

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    and he has a knack of throwing the interception at a critical time in the game......PASS.

    Quote Originally Posted by jims jetts View Post
    This QB is a Flacco clone and it would be great to have a QB that has a cannon for an arm!

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    I still like nassib better he played on some pretty bad SU teams and still made the bowl games in his sophomore and senior seasons.

    Season Games Comp. Att. Pct. Yards TD Int. Long Avg/Game Rating
    2009 10 36 68 52.9 422 3 1 50 42.2 116.7
    2010 13 202 358 56.4 2,334 19 8 52 179.5 124.2
    2011 12 259 415 62.4 2,685 22 9 62 238.8 129.9
    2012 13 294 471 62.4 3,749 26 10 68 288.4 143.3

    not bad stats for a career?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickBri481 View Post
    For every tall guy with a big arm like Flacco that succeeds there are 3 Kyle Bollers as well. Under 60% completion in college is a massive red flag. Jake Locker is the last guy to go high that was so inaccurate in college. Is he lighting up the league? He's a bust, even if the Titans don't know it yet.
    Not a huge Glennon fan, but Locker was a scrub in college. He threw tons of "Vick like" ground balls against crappy Pac 10 defenses. I don't think Glennon is that much better than Locker, but most are suggesting taking a guy like Glennon in round 2 and not wasting our 9th pick on him (like the Titans did taking Locker at 8 or the Vikes taking Ponder in the 12th. )

    He is a gamble, he can be a stud or a scrub. Too talented to pass up in the 2nd and too inconsistent to take at 9.


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