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Thread: Jets to interview John Idzik for GM on Wednesday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aer Lingus View Post
    its a good point alright

    but for all we know he was pipped by Schneider because Schneider was marginally the better candidate.

    What it doesn't mean is that because he didn't get Seattle he is a bad candidate, it just means he is not as good a candidate, marginal or otherwise, as Schneider. Still could be an awesome candidate though Or not
    He is a different candidate now then he was 2 years ago. Maybe when Schneider got there, Izdik took on a greater role than he had previous to make his resume look more impressive.

    Not sure when he assumed the duties of contracts and cap, maybe it was 2 years ago. None the less, he is probably the most well rounded candidate of all who we looked at.

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    Idzik would be a good hire, IMHO. He has the financial, contract and cap knowledge of a guy like Khan but also has past experience in coaching, scouting and keeps involved in player evaluation etc. A very well rounded candidate with good experience from a well-run team. I would like this hire.
    I really like this guy!


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    so... as Rex was passed over for Harbaugh, Izdik was passed over for Schneider. And to boot, he seems to have moved quickly between organizations for what appears to be lateral moves at best... would want to know why he keeps moving for lateral jobs... something fishy there.

    Would prefer to poach a guy with real value to their current organization. That's why Gaine and Khan would be the two I'm most interested in. Also think Sundquist is intriguing as well, because I think he got a bit of a raw deal with Elway returning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joiseyjet View Post
    I guess thats better than Korn gets hIz a Dik
    How much Korn Khan an Idzik Popp
    If an Idzik Khan Popp Korn?

    Ferry much I think....


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