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Thread: Recap of the 2012 offense/pray for 2014

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    Recap of the 2012 offense/pray for 2014

    Here's a look at the Jets offense, after examining the defense yesterday. Obviously this looks much bleaker. The article is pretty long, but the conclusion is basically 2013 is a lost cause and plan for 2014.

    No matter what, this is going to be a bad offense in 2013. In 2012, they ranked 30th in yards/drive, 30th in points/drive, and 27th in drive success rate, and ranked 30th in Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt. Letís take a second and envision what the 2014 offense might look like:

    RB2: Bilal Powell
    WR2: Stephen Hill
    WR3: Jeremy Kerley
    LT: DíBrickashaw Ferguson
    C: Nick Mangold
    RT: (maybe) Austin Howard

    Thatís a pretty scary skeleton of what your 2014 Jets offense will look like. There are only four players you can envision the team building around, and two of them are currently role players. Perhaps the 2014 offense will feature Aaron Murray and Eddie Lacy, but if I was the Jets GM, my number one goal on offense would be to try to build a competitive offense in 2014. 2013 is a lost cause, in my view, so the two-year rebuilding project should begin now.

    Santonio Holmes is not going to be on the team in 2014, so why (a) take valuable reps away from Hill and Kerley and (b) allow Hill and Kerley to be in the same locker room as him? Keller might be on the team next year, and as a transition player, that makes some sense, but I would say it is unlikely heís on the team in 2014 and extremely unlikely heís a Jet in 2015.

    The Jets have too many holes to fill (QB, RB, WR, TE, G, NT, OLB, ILB, S) to worry about right tackle, so they need to cross their fingers and hope Howard can man that position at his reduced salary. The guard spot looks like the real danger, and expect New York to spend at least two draft picks in the next two years to fix it. The other issue is at wide receiver, where the hope is that Stephen Hill becomes a WR1 but the reality is the team needs to have a contingency plan in place.

    That leaves just one position left, and brings this long post full circle. I see no reason for optimism on offense in 2013, so the Jets are left with two options. Option one would be to draft a quarterback this year and let him go through the growing pains ala Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weeden. This, again, simply comes down to prospect evaluation. There isnít a new GM in place, so itís hard to say what the team thinks of Geno Smith (West Virginia), Matt Barkley (Mark Sanchezí alma mater), Tyler Wilson (Arkansas), Ryan Nassib (Syracuse), Mike Glennon (North Carolina State), or any of the other quarterbacks in the draft. The other option would be to grab a veteran placeholder for 2013 (or, gasp, play Mark Sanchez or Greg McElroy) and hope the team is in position to draft the franchise quarterback in 2014. Either way, 2013 looks to be a long year for Rex Ryan and the Jets. Good luck to whomever the Jets ultimately hire as offensive coordinator, because he is going to need it.
    You can read the full here.

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    Howard is a maybe.

    I think it is fair to consider whether or not Mangold should be a part of future plans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Howard is a maybe.

    I think it is fair to consider whether or not Mangold should be a part of future plans.

    I don't know whether it is nagging injuries or he just has to compromise his game to compensate for the guys on the side of him. But you don't even hear him being mentioned as one of the best anymore.

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    The talent on offense is still the OL. Rebuilding around Brick and Nick makes total sense. I also tend to think 2013 could easily see an offense much better than this season. Pick up some good veterans on the cheap and draft Eddie Lacy like the writer claims and we could easily be an offense that at least until we find our franchise QB can lean heavily on the running game and win games with defense.

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    This is also why we should cut Sanchez, take the 17mm hit next year, so we don't have to waste another 4mm next year.

    Next year is a lost year, certainly nothing 4mm is going to help it. Cut ties with Sanchez and begin the healing...


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