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Thread: Serby...give Idzik a chance.

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    Serby...give Idzik a chance.

    Can't believe the rag whiner, that Richard Todd once took a swing at in the Jets lockerroom...for unsportsmanlike a voice of reason in the wilderness, among the local sports beat.

    The knee-jerk reaction is to pan the selection of John Idzik as new Jets general manager as a salary-cap expert and business-type executive who will be little more than a puppet who will empower, if that is possible, Teflon Rex Ryan, primarily because he may not be able to tell the difference between, say, Curtis Martin and Steve Martin.

    The easy way to go is to trash the Jets for settling on someone other than a personnel whiz simply because they are the Jets, champions only of Murphy’s Law, a football wasteland saddled with salary cap and quarterback hell and a lame-duck head coach who for now has the owner’s ear and affections and a proclivity for the Buttfumble, on the field and off.

    I say let’s give this guy a chance.

    I say let’s wait before we know for certain how the back-door politics of personnel matters and who will truly have the final say will unfold.

    I say let’s wait until we meet the new GM, because for all we know, we might like what he has to say as much as headhunter Jed Hughes and owner Woody Johnson liked what he had to say.

    For all we know, the new GM’s vision very well could include importing his own savvy right-hand man with an extensive background in personnel to aid and abet him and bolster the talent procurement department.

    If he can deliver Jon Gruden in 2014 — they were colleagues in Tampa, and let’s face it, 2013 looks like a lost season — then no one will be crying that this is just the latest Buttfumble.

    No matter how much influence Ryan might yet wield in 2013, a season that will end with the New York Super Bowl in the stadium Johnson shares with John Mara and Steve Tisch, he will be shaking hands with the man who likely will recommend firing him if he misses the playoffs for a third straight time. No Jets head coach, for what it’s worth, has lasted more than five seasons on Johnson’s watch. When a new head coach is hired, he usually wants his own quarterback, and when a new GM is hired, he usually wants his own head coach.

    As much as Johnson has a thing for Ryan, he also has a thing against unsold PSLs, and further fan unrest/revolt will only empower Idzik, because he isn’t the one who must win now, Ryan is — or at least should be expected to by everyone from Johnson to the Flight Crew.

    Idzik graduated from Dartmouth magma cum laude, which means there will be times when he uses words that will make Ryan think he’s speaking a foreign language. In fact, he sounds very much like the anti-Rex.

    “I think he’ll do fine. ... I just hope that he likes it,” Idzik’s mother, Joyce, told The Post last night. “He’s always been a kind of private person, and you can’t do that in the New York market. But he does know that.”

    Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta in mathematics...who played football at Dartmouth. Master's Degree in Liberal Arts at Duke. Grew up in a football environment...where dad was OC NYJ. Spent his whole adult life in various football capacities. Coaching...scouting...CAP management and contract negotiations.

    A very smart well rounded talented individual. Who actually wants to be the lead the Circle Jerk Jets, out of the wandering desert, into the Promise Land Of the Lombardi Trophy.

    I'm locking arms and marching with comrade Serby...

    Give Idzik a chance!

    This guy looks too smart to take any sh!t from Rex or anyone else.

    John Idzik...GM NYJ...

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    Serby-The Fair Minded Critic

    When Serby is the guy calling for fairness, you know the Jets are in trouble with the Media Guys.

    Idzik is a math major from Dartmouth--might be the smartest guy in the NFL. Not so much the Dartmouth part, but there are no dumb math majors and he was good at it.

    Why wouldn't you give him a chance? Your own agenda?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chops44 View Post


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    Do we have a choice now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenReaper View Post

    As much as Johnson has a thing for Ryan, he also has a thing against unsold PSLs, and further fan unrest/revolt will only empower Idzik, because he isnít the one who must win now, Ryan is ó or at least should be expected to by everyone from Johnson to the Flight Crew.
    Expecting Ryan to win next year is literally pants-on-your-head insane.

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    As a footnote John Idzik's father, also John Idzik, came on with the Jets in
    1977. He was resposible for developing quarterbacks Richard Todd and Matt
    Robinson favoring the former. He resigned from the club in 1979 citing differences with then head coach Walt Michaels. Serby might want to
    steer clear of the locker room for the time being.


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