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Thread: Bahston's Mayor a Whicked Pissah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    It's funny when politicians that know jack about sports make fools of themselves.

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    I blame it on trans fat.

    And wicked lahge tonics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuidoYaztremski View Post

    And it's all part of Mumbles Menino's (as he's known in Boston) schtick. He'd mangled other names in the past and he's a horrible public speaker. I think its a put-on, honestly, to make him look like a harmless, golly-gee, bumpkin kind of a mayor. It's certainly worked for him as he's been the mayor for the past 20 years. There's no arguing, however, that he;s done some great things for the city.
    What did Keith Richards say? There's no such thing as bad publicity?

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    I thought Mayor Menino died in an car accident in Florida in 1998.


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