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Thread: Are Jets trying to hire 2 people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndianaJet View Post

    Jake Steinberg ‏@Steiny31
    BREAKING NEWS: I'm hearing a buzz that the Jets have a 2 for 1 deal working. Idzik as GM @NFLnetwork's Mike Mayock as VP of Player Personnel

    Man I hope this is true, I was just posting my dream scenario!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetstream23 View Post
    Bradway was a bad GM. He's an excellent scouting/personnel guy IMO. I was very happy when his demotion from GM didn't make him bolt from the organization.

    In a way, he's like Rex. At the elevated position of head coach Rex is still trying to find his way a little and become successful, but most agree that he's probably best suited as a Defensive Coordinator.

    I like Bradway and hope he sticks through this.
    I agree with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KRL View Post
    Man I hope this is true, I was just posting my dream scenario!!!
    Please take note of my sarcastic roll eyes.....hint.......hint.

    Just a sarcastic comment on the state of our beat reporters.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyjet View Post
    Wondering whether the delay is not simply to get Idzik into place but also to hire a VP of player of personnel, sort of like the job Lombardi got this morning from the Browns. Perhaps Idzik + Gaine, Idzik + Popp, Idzik + Cohen, Idzik + Bradway etc. Or someone Idzik has identified to join him.

    Would make a lot of sense in some ways. The only comments that Woody has made from the press conference was that Korn/Ferry was helping with the restructuring of their front office. That started with Glat. Would be excited if they could pull of a "2 for 1". Would definitely excite a fanbase that is already worried about the thin resume that Idzik has on the personnel side.

    I think Mueller worked for Seattle at one point, if I recall what i read correctly.

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    Can we stop with the fake tweets


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