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Thread: Jeremy Bates

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    Jeremy Bates

    Has been an OC an QB coach at a number of stops, most noteably with Jay Cutler in Denver and last year in Chicago - he was not retained my Marc Trestman.

    He has called plays before in college and pro football, but was fired by Seattle prior to the 2011 season (Darrell Bevel took over as OC) and now has been let go by Chicago.

    Curious if he has ties to any of the potential OCs out there or could he be a target for us as OC or QBC?

    Lastly Mike Tice is also now available as an Oline Coach possibility.

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    Rex & Tice together could be must see...

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    Well, he was here in 2005 when we were down to Bollywood. And Idzik was in Seattle when we fired him. I'd LOVE to have him as our QBC. Not sure about OC though.

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    Was he on the Jets at the same time as Pep Hamilton?

    Possible he was the guy who replaced Pep has QB coach when Hamilton moved to coach the WRs?

    Pep is my guy for OC, and wouldn't mind at all if Bates came along as QB coach.


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