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Thread: Missing out on the good OC options

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    I want Hue Jackson, He got more out of the Raiders offense then they had business to be accomplishing with that roster.

    Watching their offensive play didn't make me want to climb a building staircase then jump off like the Jets offense makes me want too.

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    Come on guys. OC in NY is a nightmare job. Best you can hope for is that some young up and coming dude has no better options and takes a flyer with Rex.

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    @SI_JimTrotter: Congrats to Pep Hamilton on accepting the Colts offensive coordinator position. #TheRealHU

    Alright, next up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyo7 View Post
    The guy I would seriously consider is Jeff Tedford.
    He is known as a developer of QBs- Aaron Rogers, Trent Dilfer, Joey Harrington, David Carr. Has 10 years of college HC experience, an additional 10 years coaching QB and OC.

    An out of the box candidate, maybe worth a look
    Not trying to be a smart-ass but Dilfer, Harrington and Carr do not represent an overall excellent body of work.


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