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Thread: BREAKING NEWS: Jets hire John Idzik as new GM

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgivs21 View Post
    You mean the same Bradway who implored Tanny to take Russel Wilson??

    I agree with what a poster said before: Seperate Bradway the GM from Bradway the scout. The jets seem to have selected some good players in the draft over the past few years with the small amount of picks they've had. I don't think our scouting department is as big a problem as some on here are making it out to be.
    I agree with you. Bradway seems to have a lot of high ratings as a talent evaluator everywhere but on this board. I think the new GM should have his choice of talent scouts. But if he choses to keep Bradway I'd be fine with it. But watch the Moaners and Groaners on this board explode with rage. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toooon View Post
    I am not blaming Bradway for Tanny's failures, I am holding him accountable for the NY Jets' failures. Our personnel is in shambles and he is part of the staff that failed miserably. Why should he be rewarded by surviving yet another change in power? All I'm saying is we just hired a new GM and he should be allowed, and encouraged, to bring in his own people rather than relying on people that have mostly failed for more than a decade. If you think there are not other talented scouts out there and Terry Bradway is the only option in the entire world, then fine, you win. Otherwise, Mr. Idzik would be wise to keep all options open.
    I'd encourage him to do that in may after the draft. That's all. And that's only if he wants to. He definitely doesn't need to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megalomaniac View Post
    I've clearly been in the dark the past 8 years or so. I really thought it was Tanny running the show this whole time, but turns out it was Bradway. It was Bradway who screwed up all those contracts. It was Bradway who traded all of our picks every year which causes us to have the fewest drafted players over the span of the last 4 years. It was Bradway who decided to draft a freakin FB in the 4th round. It was Bradway who TRADED a 4th round pick for tebow. It was Bradway who gave Holmes starter money. It was Bradway who neglected to improve OL, WR, TE, RB, S, LB, oh, and the ENTIRE depth of the team. Yeah. Bradway must go.

    And Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!


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