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Thread: Why is everybody pissed off at these hires?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eckesg1 View Post
    Before you complain about the Idzik hire: READ HIS BIO

    Before you complain about the Mornhinweg hire: READ HIS RESUME

    List your unignorant complaints here
    I like both of these hires. My main complaint is we haven't dealt with the real problem. REX!

    If we had a great HC I would be very comfortable with both of these guys.

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    It's refreshing to see other rational Jets fans such as myself.....those SOJ fans who do nothing but complain can keep wallowing in their misery.....I am excited about the new can you not be excited??

    Quote Originally Posted by Kentucky Jet View Post
    Many JI posters are dumping on both moves without even allowing the guys to be introduced to us at a presser. SOJ fans and its disgusting! They'd rather wallow in their misery then to hope that we become a consistent winner!


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