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Thread: With the exception of that horror show PC

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    With the exception of that horror show PC

    the Jets have made some pretty solid and uncharacteristic moves. I think Rex should have been fired if you also fire your GM, DC, OC and QB coach, but on both the GM and OC the Jets went outside their comfort zone.

    Although Idzik is probably a bit closer to their comfort zone than some of the other candidates he is very well rounded comes from a really progressive organization and is defintely not Tanny 2.0 (Khan or Cohen would have been, in fact I am shocked Cohen was not the ultimate choice)

    Then on OC the Jets went really outside the box. He is the complete polar opposite of Sparano and Rex. A throw first, throw second, third third and run tomorrow type of guy. He does not have the players to run his system now, will probably be Idzik's first task

    So overall I have to say I am encouraged by the Jets moves. Does not seem like SOJ to me (other than keeping Ryan)

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    I couldn't agree with you more.

    We wanted a GM from outside the organization and we got one from the Left Coast...That's far enough away from last years Circus for me.


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