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Track record : Spent sometime with the Bucs and was in the management that led them to the superbowl.Look at his time in Arizona,spent time with them,they go to the superbowl.He leaves Arizona,they go on a decline.He goes to Seattle they go on a rebound.There is something about this guy that is special.From what I seen of him he kinda looks like John Elway at gm,who will not worry about making the tough decisions,like shipping Tebow out of town.I say it's a slam dunk hire and he will be a top gm for a long long time.He's good at the cap and good at scouting talent -- reference the Seattle drafts.They got a franchize qb in the third round.I don't see one negative in this guy,not one.
You could say he's the best candidate for the job for now but I wouldn't say he's a great hire yet. Don't start drinking the coolaid too soon. let the man start his job first.