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Thread: Sundquist on Tebow debacle: "They realized it was divisive...wanted an exit strategy"

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    Quote Originally Posted by intelligentjetsfan View Post

    A league source with direct knowledge of the trade said though Tannenbaum was the driving force behind the move, there is no way it can be characterized as being “forced” on Johnson.

    The source said it is true Tannenbaum is the member of the Jets organization who came up with the idea of trading for Tebow once the Broncos signed Peyton Manning. The source said once Tannenbaum came up with the idea, several members of the Jets organization tried to talk him out of the trade, saying Tebow was not an accurate passer. But Tannenbaum was not swayed.

    It is unclear how head coach Rex Ryan felt about the trade at the time. Publicly he always has said he supported it, but Tebow’s limited playing time makes that hard to believe.
    Wow, that is a revelation, the move starting with Tanny and convincing Woodward, and not the other way around! I did not have much respect for Tannenbaum's football 'knowledge' but if this is true it just tanked further.

    Sounds like Tannenbaum wrote himself a one-way ticket out of Florham Park with this brainstorm! Tanks God!
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    Does anybody actually believe Woody was forced to do anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Does anybody actually believe Woody was forced to do anything?
    I don't believe he was forced. He was "convinced" by Tanny to do the move.


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