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Thread: Timmy

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    Quote Originally Posted by 32green View Post
    If you have nothing nice to say, there are plenty of other threads to perform miscreant jackarse acrobatics in. I suggest you find one.

    Wow. Truly no offense was meant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porgyman View Post
    Wow. Truly no offense was meant.

    Sensitive subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetgirl View Post
    Thanks everyone he was my best friend my baby I put a little Jet pillow in with him for his head to rest on.

    Maybe you should have turned off WFAN before he fell asleep...j/k I know you'll miss him; he died dreaming of you as green says.

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    Thanks everyone he was truly amazing my best friend. He sat through all the screaming and cursing from every Jet game. I remember one game against the Bills when Brad Smith ran back the kick off for a TD he was in my arms and I stood up and was running towards the TV and my nephew said he's not a football its Rocky in your arms! God it hurts so damn much

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    Sorry Jetgirl. He sounded like a real good sort.

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    I'M SO SORRY TO HEAR THAT ... My baby girl died about 3 weeks ago and it was one of the worst feelings ever. I feel for you and my condolences go out to you.


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