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Thread: A Look Back... JI's Experts Evaluate Flacco

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    A Look Back... JI's Experts Evaluate Flacco

    All in good fun. Time to eat a little raven bird?

    Sanchez vs Flacco
    In the end, Sanchez > Flacco
    It's really not that much of a debate. Flacco sucks in the playoffs and really is just not much of an impressive QB. Not saying Sanchez is impressive, but he's shown flashes and for 2 consecutive years has stepped up his game during the playoffs.

    flacco is very limited as a qb. he needs a good team around him to make plays. i don't see the same with sanchez. sanchez has way more mobility and good enough accuracy and arm strength to be a really good qb.

    Flacco is worse than Sanchez its plain as day...Flacco's ceiling is much, much lower. His Pocket presence isn't close nor is his escapability and mobility. Flacco's arm may be a little stronger but Sanchez has a good enough arm to make any nfl throw. Both are tough. Both struggle with their accuracy from time to time but when the the chips are down im taking sanchez to win a game for me over Flaccostein

    there are 2 things that boost the general perception of flacco. one is that he's very tall. the second is that he came from a small school, ala big ben, so he was hailed as the next rothleisburger. but he's not close to being that good.

    a lot of new qbs come into the league, have some early success, then level off or even regress, b/c they're just not that talented. flacco is an example of that.

    Flacco v. Sanchez playoff numbers
    I'm tired of everyone acting like Flacco is this stud young QB who can do no wrong. The guy has been an absolute bum in big games against better opponents. Rex should be chomping at the bit getting a chance to face this guy. I expect our D to force multiple INTs and a lot of confusion from Flacco. This game is far more winnable than the one in week 2 against the Pats. Flacco is no Brady, not even close. Ravens WR corps has way too many new pieces to come out firing on all cylinders in week 1. Rice is really the only guy to be concerned about, but I feel pretty good about stopping him with Jenkins, Harris, and Scott in the middle of our D. Don't be surprised if we do a number on the Ravens O.

    Sanchez over Flacco/Freeman ANYDAY.
    Sanchez over Flacco/Freeman ANYDAY.
    enough said.

    i am also on board with this..last weeks game excluded....look dont tell me what i eyes tell me...ive been around football my whole eyes tell me sanchez is better...flacco is the worst fo all the young qbs drafted 2008-present.

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    flacco still is "not that good"
    he has made some good plays but hes been bailed out by great catches from boldin and pitta
    also helps to have Ray Ray in your backfield


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