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I still believe if you take Bellichek away from Brady you have a scrub QB. I think Bellichek is a scumbag, cheating exploiter low life, but he is a machine when it comes to football.

Belichick has to start thinking about replacing Tom Brady. Brady will be 36 years old next season, do you really see him still taking hits at 38 or 39 years old? His value is beginning to slip, and Belichick still won with Matt Cassel the year Brady went down. I really don't see Brady as their QB two years from now. If they want to get something for him, this offseason is their only chance. Nobody is going to give anything for a 37 year old Brady, but if they think they can use him for two seasons while they groom another QB they may do it.

The Pats need to move Tom Brady NOW, next year he'll have half the value as this year. You've got to know when to let go in this league, and now is Tom Brady's time.