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Thread: Beli Presser

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyg View Post
    Well said by Shannon Sharpe!
    Basically called out Belicheat for being a sore loser and not coming on CBS to do an interview. Said everytime NE has won he made himself available but always refuses to do so after a loss and should not be tolerated. I agree 100%. Will the League fine this prick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by southparkcpa View Post
    maybe he will resign on a napkin.
    Maybe SAR will do it for him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetssjumets View Post
    He is a loser, and a cheater. Karma is a bit*h. I couldn't happen to a nicer prick. I am very happy today.
    The thing thats funny, he hasn't won since Spygate. His wins have come from cheating.

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    He is who he is ... I choose not to comment on it because his actions speak for themselves.

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    It's unfortunate that it took this long for someone to call him on this crap on a national forum. I'm sure the national media will run with this as much as Rex Ryan's tatoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickey Shuler View Post
    “There’s something to be said about being gracious in defeat,” Sharpe said. “We’ve seen the New England Patriots five times in the last 12 years be victorious. And we’ve seen the opposing coaches that lost come out and talk to our Steve Tasker. Coach Cowher did it when [the Steelers] lost to them. We saw this last week [when the Patriots beat the Texans].

    “Bill Belichick makes it real easy for you to root against the Patriots. You can’t be a poor sport all the time. You’re not gonna win all the time. And he does this every time he loses. It is unacceptable.”
    Mush Mouth finally says something sensible

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_0515 View Post
    Where's the media outrage (besides Sharpe)?
    F***; I missed that!


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    Belichick is going to have to kill someone on camera in order for the media to get off his jock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetssjumets View Post
    I agree 100% with horse mouth Shannon Sharpe calling out that SOB prick Belicheat just now on CBS. It shows his true character. He's a total scumbag.
    +1 I give Sharpe credit for calling him out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    He sounds like a loser.

    Said something to the effect of a bad ending to a positive season.

    Since when does Beli take moral victories.

    THE END IS NEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do you really believe that? Because I can honestly say, "I believe the very second Brady retires the Patsies are as good as a top 5 pick". IMO, that's the only thing propping up that organization.

    Look at the facts. Bellichick is a great defensive mind, yet their defense has been horrible for years now.


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