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Thread: Jets fans should be for Ravens in SB

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    The loyalty to the AFC doesn't make any sense.

    Pick the team you like better, root for them.

    A simple approach really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billygreen View Post
    Our headcoach has ties to the Ravens, and the Ravens rep the AFC. Seems logical we should root for the Ravens in this one.
    I see what you mean, but your reasoning is off for the NFL. Here's the way it really works:

    Plan A: If a team beats you during the regular or post-season, THAT's who you root for. That way you can say "Sure, we lost to the _____________s, but they went to the Superbowl that year!"

    Plan B: 2 degrees of separation - If there are no Plan A candidates, you root for a team that beat a team that beat you. Then you can say "Sure we lost to the ____________s, but they were so good they almost beat the ___________s (Superbowl team)". BillyGreen would root for the Ravens in this situation because they beat the Pats who beat us in the regular season. Not because they represent our conference, though.

    Plan C: If there's no A or B, or you can't stand them, then you decide who to root for while watching the game.

    See? That's how you do it (snicker, snicker).


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