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Thread: Jets Hire QB Coach David Lee...

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    Jets Hire QB Coach David Lee...

    Per Mortensen read from

    VERY GOOD HIRE missed out on him last year. Just a positive note for once...

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    Thanks for posting but...............

    There is already an extensive thread on Mr. Lee and folks out here are already complaining how Lee sucks!!!

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    He has been at Arkansas 2 times and helped our QBs. He helped Romo get NFL savy though no QB coach can stop him from blowin the game. We'll see.

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    Rex wanted this guy last year. Marty Morhinweg is known for being a great QB coach(5 pro bowlers). He coaches a QB friendly system. Lee is a coach who is very creative but I wonder about the fit here with the Jets. Marty had a zone read type package for Vick in Philly and Lee is known for the wildcat. So you wonder if that base package stays in play with the Jets and if the Jets next quarterback has some running ability. This will only fuel the rumors of Vick to the Jets. Marty and Lee can't be any worse for the Jets than Sparano and Cavanaugh were last season.

    That brings me to the final touches on the Jets coaching staff. No official announcement on the defensive coordinator but it seems like Dennis Thurman will eventually get the nod. There is still an opening at the linebacker coaching position. There is also the assistant head coaching tag which hasn't been designated to anyone yet. That could be reserved for Marty or Rob Ryan if he doesn't get a job. The only other position coach that holds interest on the Jets is their offensive line coach, Dave Duglielmo. He is a Sparano soldier and a holdover from last season who has not been dismisssed as of yet. You wonder if the Jets may change their offensive line scheme next season. Could the Jets hire a new line coach and could Russ Grimm or Howard Mudd be on the list. Mudd worked with Marty in Philly and came out of retirement for that job.


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