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Thread: The Curse of the Mangino !

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    The Curse of the Mangino !

    The Pats haven't won a Super Bowl since Eric Mangini ratted on them for cheating. It's called " The curse of the Mangino ". It can only be broken after the Jets win a Super Bowl. Might be a long time chowder heads. I declear this curse!

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    They are the Lance Armstrong of the NFL!!!!

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    There's only one Mangino

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    #ManginoCurse get it trending

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    "Poetic Justice"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsFanatic88 View Post
    #ManginoCurse get it trending
    We need someone when interviewing Belicheat to ask him about "The curse of the Mangino "and is it effecting his team. Belicheat would shiiit his pants and then the curse would consume his life. He would have to retire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TebowCan'tThrow View Post
    They are the Lance Armstrong of the NFL!!!!
    A huge +1. The perfect analogy. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy View Post
    There's only one Mangino

    Kinda what my thought was...

    I was thinking what does Mangino have to do with the Patriots at all?

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    May be on to something, does Woody fall under that as well?

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    Its called "The curse of the Mangino" because it was Eric Mangini that dropped a dime on Belicheat. This is the legend of the beginning of this curse. It may last as long as the curse of "The Bambino". Same cities involved. The Curse states that the Patriots will never win another Super Bowl until the Jets win one first. Actually I hope it doesn't last long because that would mean the Jets will have won one but this curse is currently in effect!

    Somebody please go on Pats board and declare this curse and it will get into their heads and that franchise will heads backwards for years to come!


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