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Thread: Let's say Geno is available at #9

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueDevilJet29 View Post
    Not a fan of Geno at #9 just because I'm not a fan in general. His second half of the season was mediocre at times compared to the Heisman hype of the first.

    His decision making scares me and he seems flustered very easily. He has tools no doubt but so did Mark. The game in the snow against Syracuse in the Pinstripe Bowl was enough to convince me no on this guy. He was just wholly unable to figure out that defense or adjust to adversity. He got TWO safeties in one game...that's ridiculous.
    He'd have better coaching that Sanchez did, and I think he's got a better arm too. Accuracy I'm not sure about, because Sanchez was actually a very accurate passer in college.

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    A lot different then Sanchez, Geno's a 3 year starter with better physical tools (Especially arm) and has gotten better every year.

    And I don't think there's any question he's the best QB prospect in this class. Not sure why people would rather settle on the most important position in the game, if you want a QB, and Geno Smith is there, you'd be crazy to take someone lesser.


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