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Yes I did join this site over a month ago but have been huge Jet fan my whole life..I know when to shut up (unlike you) and when to defend my team from trolls. You certainly do have a clear and obvious agenda you might as well admit it. Everyone sees it.. I have been a regular poster, and ick things up quick.. can already understand your history.. Your love for mark sanchez, who you defended to the core on this site when everyone saw he choked and self destructed into a terrible qb..You blame Rex Ryan for ruining your #1 crush.. You told everyone Rex was getting canned day after the season, now that really pissssed you off when that didnt happen.. So your madness only grew and continued..Even more when NO ONE agrees with you.. Rex Ryan and the Jets did not blow the AFCCG's your boy Sanchez did... He failed both times..
You're new here, so let me tell you how it works:

During the regular season, JI is an overwhelming mix of realistic Jets fans who want to engage in two-way dialog about where the team is at, both negative and positive. Taking advantage of the discussion forum to be what it's supposed to be- a discussion forum.

But these last two offseasons have seen an exodus of these good posters because they are so upset about the current situation and our terrible head coach that they just want to get away from it all, focus on their favorite NHL, NBA, and MLB teams.

But a few of us stick around for the offseason and we're rewarded by trying to have rational conversation with irrational people- the Blind Homers who don't want to hear anything negative about the Jets. Apparently you've fallen into line with those 20 posters, the Same Ol' Jets Apologists who confuse "optimism" with "naivete" and confuse "passion" with "rudeness". That's cool, your prerogative, just steer clear of me for the next few months if you're only here for the Unicorns and you'll do just fine.