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Thread: Raiders hire Sparano

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    This is a job that is much more suited for Sparano. I wish him the best.

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    He'll be fine as a line coach, that's where he belongs. I'm still not sure how he made the leap to head coach. Really not sure what Parcells was thinking on that one.

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    Good luck to him unless the Raiders are playing the Jets.

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    He did take a 1-15 team and turn them into a Division winning 11-5 team in 2008. When was the last time we won the division around here? I wasn't crazy about the Sparano hire but to say he had no success as a headcoach isn't being fair either.

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    LOL ok does it get more dysfunctional?

    Stinkfish to
    the Jets to
    the Raidezzz

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    Quote Originally Posted by LockeJET View Post
    Asst Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach
    It's a good hire. Sparano is a quality line coach. He was awful as an offensive coordinator with the Jets. The argument can be made that he was the worst oc in the league in 2012.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    I like Sparano. Its not his fault he was saddled with a buffoon for a HC and the ultimate turd at qb.

    Although the times during the game that he chose to put tebow in were mind bogglingly stupid.
    He was clearly overmatched and underqualified to be an OC.

    End of story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kentucky Jet View Post
    Of course WRECKS was wrong to hire him as an OC knowing full well that he was not an experienced play caller.
    Yeah, I don't know WTF Rex based that decision on ... except that he said the first time he met Sparano he was his doppelganger on the offense. Or something like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMikeIsHot View Post
    He's a terrible play caller and has no feel for that aspect of the game. He does not understand the concept of rhythm, nor does he know how important rhythm is to an offense and QB.

    Dude was just so bad as an OC it's kind of hard to believe he was even hired to begin with.

    I'm sure he will be fine as a OL coach though.
    +1 on all points...


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