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Thread: *** OFFICIAL John Idzik & Woody Johnson & Press Conference Thread 01.24.13 ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcoops View Post
    Ok, just watched the entire press conf for a second time and like Idzik even more than I did before. Just get the feeling that this guy gets it and is going to do an excellent job.

    One interesting thing I did notice that I missed previously - he looks calm, assured and open in answering every question, except one....the question over the future of Mark Sanchez. On that answer, he starts to touch his face a lot, scratch his nose etc when talking about Sanchez's good qualities. As any amateur psychologist can tell you, touching your face like that is an indication that you don't believe what you are saying and attempting to deflect. I found that interesting. He happily knocked all questions on other subjects out of the park - his own qualifications, Rex's future, Revis etc. But with the Sanchez question, there were clear signs he didn't believe what he was attempting to sell on Sanchez's strengths and future. Worth watching.
    Just read through this entire thread to see if anyone made this point before posting it...nail meet head.....very polished performance and really impressed but that was a very telling moment of discomfort in an otherwise flawless display.

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    Speak softly and carry a big Izdik...

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    On staff changes: "I have only been on the job 3 days, been out of state for that time, have been impressed with Rex and Terry and the personnel staff, Scott, Jo Jo, Jeff, Mike, Ari and my initial impressions are that we have a strong group here."

    On Rex Ryan: "I look at him as an energetic, engaging, talented coach. He gets them to play hard. I can speak to that from the opponent side. I look forward to our time together. That (having Rex here), to me, was a plus.

    Very telling quotes here, I like what our new GM had to say and how he handled the media, he seems like a very no-nonsense guy.

    Idzik seems to have a different persona then Tannenbaum from what I have read and heard thus far.

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    I like what I heard. Seems like a low key guy which is what we need and not another person to hog the media attention and make an ass of himself like our head coach.

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    I'll get serious later, but right now I've got to give props to some extremely funny posters who lightened my mood today.

    Regarding the photo of our new GM:
    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    Yes, we hired prince charles.

    Regarding Woody's claim that Tanny forced Tebow on him:

    Quote Originally Posted by 32green View Post
    Tanny also drove Rex's car through a red light, tattoo'd Snatchers on his arm and made him vomit away all the lockeroom leadership.

    Damn you Tannybaum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Winstonbiggs View Post
    I won't believe it until Sundquist tweats it. Sundquist is the new Pettine.

    Thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetswinbaby! View Post
    Speak softly and carry a big Izdik...
    i love that sig

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    really impressed with him. Think his approach will be significantly better than Tannenbaums


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