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Thread: I Would Trade Revis, and This is Why

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    1. The market for Revis, despite his injury, is clearly high. Multiple picks, including at least one first rounder, is actually a realistic option.
    This is what it all comes down to - what's his market? Save for an elite QB, every player has a value. If it looks like it will be too pricey to keep a player, you can either get something of value (i.e. Jared Allen) or get an extra year out of him and let him walk for nothing (i.e. Mario Williams and Julius Peppers).

    If the Jets can in fact get a package that starts with a first round pick AND restructure Revis's deal to get some cap relief, I'm all for it.

    But, I'm also not against signing him for the rest of his career. It would obviously have to be something below what he's looking for though. Now that Aso's deal is gone, Revis has to be at least somewhat reasonable, right? right? hello? Bueller?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chirorob View Post
    Here's the deal. It's not just Revis for a couple picks.

    It's Revis for a couple picks + enough salary cap for 2 more good players. Would you rather have Revis and 2 JAG offensive guards, and a mediocre safety, or would you rather have a high draft pick, a real good safety, a real good guard, and a decent guard to help with the running attack? Because that's the deal.

    Now, if Idzik is good, and gets good players, great. If Idzik blows the pick, and blows the players, then obviously, bad.
    Completely agree. And as someone else has already said, if Idzik makes lousy picks, it doesn't make any difference if Revis is on our team or not. We'll just continue to stink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Play2Win View Post
    I'm opening up for this idea but how about trading Cromartie and getting a possible 2nd/3rd rounder and maybe a 5th.
    trading Cro would give us more cap space rather than trading Revis.

    trading Revis would be a cap hit of $3M.

    It's a double edged sword really. Trading Revis would mean resigning Cro and vice versa.

    The cap number of course being larger by a little than Cro's cap number in the next few years.

    I'd rather have Revis in the lean years then Cro. Revis is more technically sound as a cover corner. Cro relies on his athletic skills which would deteriorate faster than Revis ability.

    Of course this is mostly conjecture but Idzik got some issues going forward.

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    Best thing Tanny ever did was acquire Cromartie. Had Cromartie never become a Jet, we would be in such a hole right now, and Revis would command almost everything he wanted. Right now, the way the defense is, Revis' leverage is diminishing in terms of contract negotiation.

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    Great post Fish. Cowherd was talking yesterday with Damien Woody on Revis worth.

    It starts at about 2:30 on this audio link:

    Great talk about the Revis trade debate here.
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    It all depends on what they can get for him. I wouldn't just give him away. You need to get some serious value if you're going to trade him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonEJet View Post
    I wouldn't. Under any circumstance.
    The Fish give you a hundred reasons why and you give none to support your opinion. I go with Warfish as he makes a great case.


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