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Thread: Trade Revis and then trade Cromartie as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LanceMehl View Post
    Actually trade anyone that might help us win a game or two because we are just not good enough to be in it for the near future. This would insure Ryan gets canned and we can really rebuild. I hope I am wrong but this teams window of winning has passed us by and we need to get younger and just better overall. What is the point of having veterans on the team when they will ultimately not be part of the solution. Revis,Cromartie,Harris,Sanchez,Holmes and a few others are Vets that are either terrible or worth more on another team then they are to us. A couple of good drafts and a few extra picks and we can be back in business. You have to view extra picks as lottery tickets. The more you have the more you have a chance to land that big time QB who will get us back to the playoffs. We just cant afford to have one or two guys taking up the majority of our salary cap when we are not even making the playoffs.
    Hit the reset button for real and move on from these guys as soon as we can. I am not saying that Revis isnt a great player because he is but he is worth more to us on another team.
    Yeah, thats the ticket, trade or cut everybody...just kill me now, please
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohegangreen View Post
    Yeah, thats the ticket, trade or cut everybody...just kill me now, please
    I hear you but are we going to win with this "nucleus"? The answer is no. Time to hit the reset button and get rid of guys who will be gone by the time we are good again.
    If you think keeping vets around only to lose them because you cant sign them or they are hurt or just suck then I guess you wont agree with me.
    That being said we need a QB. The more picks we have the more shot we have of getting one. A great CB is not going to help us make the playoffs as much as a star QB.


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