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Thread: Bi-Partisan Immigration Reform Legislation Deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by long island leprechaun View Post
    According to a good number of economists, the transition of illegal immigrant to citizen will result in two dollars gained for every one dollar spent for the U.S. economy. In addition, we are an aging population that is not sustaining birth rates at a level to pay for the retirement of boomers. An influx of new citizens will actually be a good thing. Besides, as much as people rail about unemployment among our legal citizenry, you can't get a teenage drop-out to work as a farm worker or "landscaper" these days, much less watch our kids or in other ways shore up our service infrastructure. The more I think about it, the more I think it's a good idea. As to stealing, that's going on at every level of our society. How many businesses bury cash transactions and don't declare them as income?
    This is a false assumption and SWAG at best. 5% of illegals from anywhere are skilled or literate when they drop anchor here. It will take decades for their massive theft of services and $ from America to begin to be reversed. The stealing I'm talking about is anything free any illegal gets that is paid for from my tax $ from Pampers to a public education to a trip to the emergency room to a stint in the stony lonesome without so much as an IOU.

    Lazy kids need a kick in the ass from their lazier parents - no reason they cant cut grass or do househoid chores for their allowance. American citizens who are able bodied should be doing the work you listed - farm labor, landscaper before any illegal or getting a handout for just laying about.

    If we could halt the $20B in remittances out of the US economy just to Mexico that would be a step in the right direction.
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    There are plenty of unemployed in this country but that kind of work is beneath them. They have their pride. Stop the checks and they will get back to work or!


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