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Thread: Jets need speed at LB & power at Guard

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    Jets need speed at LB & power at Guard

    Was Harris playing too heavy (Fat)?
    I still think he's a very good player, I just think he got a little lazy after that crazy azz contract the Jets gave him.

    It's amazing how bad our Lbs were last year. So many missed tackles (resulting from being too slow to contact).
    Look what happened to the Cowboys D when they lost Lee & another starting LB.
    As much as we talk about the Pouha back injury & Ellis not being able to hold the point, it's our complete lack of speed filling holes & running sideline to sideline that killed us.

    I know many of you want to go flashy with offensive players but me personally, I would love to see them strengthen the SPINE of this team, which means solidifying both guard spots with Maulers (Love Warmack), and get some young OLBs in here with some speed.

    We are at least a 2 year rebuild to respectability & if we can put together a kick azz Oline, we can hold our own with Hill, Holmes & Kerley, Cumberland, Powell & hopefully another drafted RB.
    Use 2014 draft & hopefully the Revis or Cromarty trade "conditional" picks to go offense crazy.
    Build the INFRASTRUCTURE this year. Add the offensive toys in the 2014 draft & FA with all of the old bad contracts erased from the salary cap.
    Get ready to rock when Brady is almost 40 years old!

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    Fix the OL draft an edge rusher or 2 who can get to the QB but strong enough to set the edge and fill in the rest as best u can.

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    In Morris Co., N.J. at the right end of a Browning 12 gauge, with Nick to my left n Rex to my right.
    Build the front and the back, then the middle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinstar View Post
    Fix the OL draft an edge rusher or 2 who can get to the QB but strong enough to set the edge and fill in the rest as best u can.
    Psyched about the new OC.
    This Jets team has not had an identity on offense for a LONG TIME, other than the "ground & pound" of 2009 & 2010.
    It was still points out of the passing game in the playoff at Gillette that won us that game, Holmes & Edwards TDs.

    Get the big guys settled, teach the blocking technique that accompanies this offense, & add players in 2014 that fit the scheme.
    That way you get 2013 to access what you have & what you need going forward.
    Maybe trading Holmes after the 2013 season becomes an option.

    I think with another year & camp for Hill & Kerley, we will all be surprised what a good OC can accomplish. Jets defense will be better than people think in 2013 if we can get anything out of this offense.
    2013 will be like a new team taking the field.


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