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Thread: 2013 - The Lost Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAR I View Post
    Jets vs. Steelers, Raiders, Patriots, Dolphins and Saints Tickets

    Mezzanine A - Row 1 - 2x Face Value

    PM for details.

    SAR I
    Way to add actual football insight to antoher thread.

    Youre great to have on this board

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    Quote Originally Posted by brady's a catcher View Post
    Snackchez wasn't the same after a big hit in Pitts, IIRC. Also, why are you bringing up Hunter, he wasn't even here. You thinking of '11?
    On August 27, 2012, the Jets traded Hunter to the St. Louis Rams for right tackle Jason Smith. Yes, my bad.

    Remember in preseason the Jets were the only team that didn't score a TD until the last game (I'm thinking McElroy). Then they blowout Buffalo to make everyone think this is going to be a great season. Who knew.


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