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Thread: Osi open to Jets ?

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    no to osi we have coples ellis wilkerson.....

    we have glaring needs at lb and safety if we dont re-sign landry and bell.

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    I'm sick en phukin tired of pickin up everyones has beens. Let's start scouting and drafting right, on offense.

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    He's already in his 30's and has nowhere to go but down.

    Ageed with the others that have said it's time to start investing heavily in the draft and getting younger.

    And fix the damn offense already. I don't understand why everyone is still obsessed with building some sort of superunit defense when our offense struggles just to score 10 points a game.

    If Rex is such a defensive guru, then we shouldn't have to invest every resource we have into the defensive side of the ball year after year.

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    NO!! He's on the decline and we don't need any more cancers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    One or both could play DT in a 4-3. I do think coples can play DE. These are both quality players but expect their sack totals to top out at 6 a year if you are going to stick them as 3-4 ends who's 1st responsibility is to control the line and gap control. These guys have the ability to be wreak havoc type of players but 3-4 DE's simply are not put in that kind of position very often.

    Who says Coples is topping out as a 6 sack guy???

    Dude had 5.5 as a rookie while only playing 50% of the snaps.

    When the season is over, I'm going back and watching every defensive snap. You guys have such a hardwired and rigid concept of 3-4/4-3. I would bet we had four down lineman not much less than three last year, especially on passing downs.

    Coples can play some snaps as 4-3 end, but you're not putting him in the best position to succeed if he's out there full time.

    Oh, and there's about zero chance Wilkerson/Coples would both be playing DT at the same time in a normal 4-3 base set. Neither of those guys, especially Coples, would do well at the 1T position. The only way they would both play DT would be is in nickel/dime scenarios.

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    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post

    Coples would be excellent as a 4-3 DE. That was his position in college.
    Not in his first three years, pal.

    I went to UNC. Even though Coples is a few years younger than me, I still watch every game. Coples was dominant his junior year, the year he played DT primarily.

    They switched him to DE his senior year and his production slipped. There were a lot of extenuating circumstances surrounding the program which did not help, but it's widely accepted that Coples plays better inside of the tackles.

    Coples and Wilkerson are similar players; they're going to win with strength and length. While Wilkerson edges Coples out in terms of his ridiculous work ethic, Coples edges Wilk in terms of natural pass rushing ability. Sure, we can line up Coples at end from time to time for specific matchups, same with Wilkerson...a big part of the reason why we drafted those two guys was due to their versatility; however, putting either of those two guys in a full time role at 4-3 end is not wise.

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    I think some people on this board think that 4-3 = POOF! TONS OF SACKS!!!!11 And mother of God, with the way Harris played in quicksand last year, we want to switch to a base defense that requires him to cover even more ground? Lollers.

    Just let me know when we get a Strahan or a JPP. It's great that we want to emulate the Giants in some ways. The way we should be emulating the Giants is in the way we self-evaluate and in the quality of our draft selections.

    But when it comes to scheme, there's more than one way to skin a cat. For now, I'll leave the judgment of our scheme to a man much wiser in that department -- Rex. It's gonna be a hybrid D next year, guys, just like 2009-2012.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CookieMonsta View Post
    I would grab him if he can fit with our money structure,he's still a great pass rusher and was always better than Tuck in my opinion.He gets the ball with the strip sack very well.
    hasn't that formula blown us up? Bring in aging vets , trade a pick etc...

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    Get. A. Quarterback......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    Everything being done now has to pay off in 2015. Osi will not help us in 2015 so we wont even look at him.
    If you're a fool who believes that you dump two seasons of NFL football, that you have to rebuild almost any team, especially this team.

    Pretty goofy thought that no one any sense would agree with.


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