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Thread: Super Bowl predictions

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    Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn ...
    I am shocked at all the Raven believers ...
    There am I thinking the 49'ers are going to dominate this game ...

    Whoever the hell wins it, here's to a good game ...

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    8 out of the last 10 SB's the underdog has covered, it will happen again

    Baltimore 27
    SF 24 in OT

    Sorry Steve Fezzik (famous Vegas football better) the NO OT prop you made millions on will loose this time, sooner or later.

    No Overtime, only Vegas SB prop never to have lost.

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    Baltimore 20
    49ers 13

    With two weeks to prepare and get healthy, Baltimore is prepared to shut down read-option and other SF run creativity, and cook up some coverages Kapernick hasn't seen before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpoppy7 View Post
    Baltimore 20
    49ers 13

    With two weeks to prepare and get healthy, Baltimore is prepared to shut down read-option and other SF run creativity, and cook up some coverages Kapernick hasn't seen before.
    One thing to prepare, another to have the personnel. Kaep probably would have walked in a couple TDs when Brady ran into the ref and was afraid to take off on that 4th down, just as an example. Ravens still don't have a lot of speed on D. I think they're gonna get exposed. This is still a team that lost 6 times this season, a few times decisively.

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    Niners BIG


    Flacco has a HORRIBLE game

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    Cisco Kid - 31

    RAY lose - 23

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    I see you've all been drinking too much of that purple drank stuff and are not giving the 49'ers much credit or a chance, the 49'ers win even if it's by 1 point.

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    In Morris Co., N.J. at the right end of a Browning 12 gauge, with Nick to my left n Rex to my right.
    Niners by a ton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickBri481 View Post
    I don't get the love for Flacco. Dude is the same player he's always been, his team just took advantage on some defensive meltdowns in the secondary on a few of his deep balls. I think the Niners will avoid those meltdowns.

    Would an elite QB have a 22 TD pass season in the midst of his prime? I mean come on, this is classic case of people overreacting to small/fluky 3 game sample
    Harbaugh made some smart changes on the O-line and - wala - he's an elite QB. I don't get the love either. To me Unibrow looks like he's flouncing around on valium out there.

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    Ravens 30
    49ers 23

    49ers will start off well but mistakes on offense will doom them. Flacco will throw for over 300 yds mostly in the second half as he earns the MVP. It will be an exciting game

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    I think this game will turn on a missed Akers field goal.

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    49'ers 19
    ravens 13

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    Looks like Baltimore is the hot pick on this board. I am going to follow suit. I like Baltimore to beat San Francisco 24-23. Joe Flacco will be the MVP. I think the Ravens receivers will win the battle against the 49er corners and I expect big games from Anquan Boldin and Jacoby Jones. Being indoors and on a fast surface will favor the offenses. I don't see a low scoring game.

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    I have no rooting interest in this game. But as a former derelict gambler who's lost at least a hundred grand on sports betting in the last ten years (and nearly lost a marriage in the process), and who has since learned the most valuable of lessons and wouldn't bet ten cents on any sporting event, I would take my chances on on the Ravens with the points in this game if I were inclined to wager money on the outcome. I don't know, nor does anyone, who will win, but I would take the points in this game and cheer for the Ravens. If the Niners were getting the points I would pick them.

    I think both team will score in the twenties, or even the thirties, I don't see it being anything but a close game.

    Gun to my head I would pick the Niners outright, but with the points I would pick the Ravens. The one scenario that I would wager on is the "over". I don't know what the under/over is, but I don't see this being anything less than a 50 point total outcome.

    Fast track, bombs away, this game is going to be won with offense.

    IMHO, that's how I see it. Don't care who wins either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    Niners BIG


    Flacco has a HORRIBLE game
    Salty as ****, lol.

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    no dog in this fight, although I'm sick of Ray-Ray, just want good game
    Ravens 20
    49ers 16

    Only so I win the office pool

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    Ravens were done if Denver had a decent defense back in on those plays. Kills me, because Denver's secondary isn't bad. Two passes that Flacco threw that resulted in TDs were absolute pillows.

    San Fran's secondary is good. If Flacco can find some kind of success, it'll open things up for Rice. (Pass to set up the run).

    I think they'll accomplish this, and put up 20-28 points or so.

    I think Kaepernick is going to have success against the Ravens' D. 24-34 points or so.

    San Fran by 10 barring big special teams plays or turnovers.

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    It's all relative
    49ers - 21
    Balt - 16.

    What's the over/under?


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