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Thread: get ready for super bowl xlviii at metlife you can volunteer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajensen088 View Post
    Half time show with Jay Z and Alicia Keys with the NY anthem, Let's hear it for New York:
    That song needs to be erased from history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajensen088 View Post
    Half time show with Jay Z and Alicia Keys with the NY anthem, Let's hear it for New York:
    Thats not the NY Anthem, its an ode to drug dealing.

    I propose a 10 minute Adam Sandler rhyme song that he will do in his stupid baby voice as he snickers at his own jokes.


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    Should definitely play this.

    New Orleans turned the lights out on people, so we're going to one up them by inviting everyone to a gay bar. Make it happen, Woody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornfed View Post
    Sounds like a great opportunity. You volunteer your time to help an organization hurting for cash like the National Football League. It's always important to help those who need it most. And there are no benefits to you.

    Sounds like a win/win situation!
    Maybe we could volunteer to help Woody's ex-wife get into her favorite golf club. Apparently, Ahmad Rashad won't let her into his golf club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsNeedNewton View Post
    Batman: I like how this is all on Woody, as though this isn't true for every other Super and it's a stadium that is shared with the Giants.

    Woody doesn't have the power to sweeten the deal? Maybe autographed footballs or jerseys for fans supporting (and paying for) his pretty new stadium?

    STFU! Just because the little women is screaming at you again is no reason to come here and attack people to make you feel like you have a d!ck again.
    You're an idiot if you believe any of this. It's always interesting to see who the losers are that will take every opportunity to bash their ownership. There's a certain group that can be counted to come out. I called no one out. Volunteer work happens at every event. Not my fault that you don't realize this.

    Now go blame Tish and Mara.

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    being a volunteer is exactly what it means. You do it for NOTHING. They are letting keep whatever it is they will give you to wear. If thats what you want(to work for a free piece of clothing), then do it. I will be as far away as I possibly can that week or two. Unfortunately that would mean using any vacation time and personal time I have in February. I hate the whole idea of this. Just friggin cancel it here and move it to Miami or Alabama or Mississippi. Just don`t mess with us people that have to live in this damn area. It will not be pleasant for any of us here.


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