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Thread: Ozzie Newsome implies Jets didn't have a QB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohio State NY Jets fan View Post
    Confirm (at least one)

    Jets select Flacco instead of Gholston

    Chad stays as mentor, No Favre, No Sanchez, No Tebow

    Ravens or Pats draft the Ghost, Miami stays in basement without Chad

    Great Oline and Special teams, extra 20M in cap space for FA, maybe avoid Revis holdout
    Where do you get the extra cap space

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
    "All them guys that got fired this year didn't have a quarterback," Newsome said with a smile as he referred to the seven GMs who got the pink slip this offseason."

    That's an interesting statement considering early in the year teammates and coaches were actually touting Sanchez as a top ten QB. Interesting also how Newsome can get away with trashing 7 teams Qb situation and get away with it.
    He also needs to study grammar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage69 View Post
    You have a better chance of convincing a Lion to become a vegetarian..
    Very true but I did say maybe and it is a "what if" scenario

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    Quote Originally Posted by patman View Post
    Where do you get the extra cap space
    Flacco gets Gholston contract money and Jets do not have to pay Favre

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    It's funny how the Jets fan base loved the refreshening honesty of Wrecks....but when a GM makes a blanket statement that we all know is 100% accurate, how dare he. Love the "victim" mentality. Ask Momma to come down to the basement and console you from those harsh words from that meanie Ozzie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    There really seems to be something under the surface here with Ozzie, he's won a SB - why does he feel the need to grind an axe and salt in the wounds to rub it in, why is he talking about other teams and their QB's on the heels of his championship win? That's not good enough for him, he feels the need to rub Rex's face in it? There is obviously some unresolved issue here under the surface - that bothers Ozzie a lot more than Rex. He can't graciously be a winner and end it there? Oh and all them GM's with that pisspoor grammar - you sound like a moron.
    How is he "rubbing Rex's face in it"? If anything he's making excuses on behalf of his former colleagues (fellow GM's) who weren't fortunate enough to have a franchise QB.
    And he's right. These guys don't grow on trees.


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