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Thread: ~ ~ 2013 Scheduled Opponents ( yes , i know it's kinda early ) ~ ~ ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Band View Post
    definitely is a good season for resale value. If I still had tickets I would sell the entire season, recoup the preseason losses, then do what all the old stadium Jets fans did and go to half a season for free.

    Funny how lots of things changed, yet they are the same. Different stadium, different fans, same outcome to Jets home games(fans selling to go for free).
    Yup. But the difference is this:

    Old time Giants Stadium fans would sell half the season at 2x face value and attend the other games for free every season because they were cheap and it was the only way they could afford any games at all.

    New PSL MetLife Stadium fans will sell half the season at 2x face value and attend the other games for free only situationally, like this season where we are vehemently against our owner and his decision to keep our horrible lame-duck head coach and, in some cases, our quarterback.

    In these special-circumstances PSL owners will cash out and consider themselves lucky. But once we have a team that we can believe in and get excited about again, we'll be back to every game just like we did in the first few MetLife seasons.

    Speaking for myself, the Jets can go 2-14 for all I care so long as they have a head coach I can believe in and a roster that plays hard. Sign me up for that right now. I'll attend every game, support the team for their effort and their potential future. Unfortunately, Woody and Rex have put that off until 2014 at the earliest.

    SAR I

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    I'm hoping for 1-15 ... New QB in 2014.

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    With the NFL mandating that you need to close out the season with a game against a division rival, expect the Jets to finish the season against the Patriots....reason is we played Miami two years ago and Bills last year, both on the road. Whether it's at home or Foxboro is the question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    At the best, Jets will go 3-6 against those teams.

    You have no idea what product the Jets are even going to put on the field next year... Comments like this are just frivolous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelly View Post
    too many w's for manziel or clowney....

    Best to schedule tanking (won't) be noticed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwaysGreenAlwaysWhite View Post
    We play the Bucs, Raiders, Panthers, Dolphins, Bills, Browns and Titans...

    And Jets fans complain about how tough the schedule is...

    It's like Pal football for them, oh my god look at the roster from South Orange, and they actually were that size. Like pro players look at opponents like that, No only internet people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetliner View Post
    Best to schedule tanking (won't) be noticed?
    well...that is a plan


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