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I agree with this mostly, the only "Plus" player your losing is Landry. Keller and Pouha are both better than average but had down years. If the jets had 25 mill of cap room losing the other 10 players would not even be an issue.

But I don't understand why you think you will be better, unless you think Sanchez will turn it around.
I don't think Mark comes back this year and I don't think it will be hard to find a better QB then him. I don't see how we can get worse then the 2nd worst starter in the league last year. DA could be an improvement IMO and he sucks. We don't have to look hard to find a better QB IMO just not what we already have. I do feel that this draft alone will improve us greatly. Even if we only get one good OLB and an OL out of it we will be better overall. I said it a few times I think my 88 year old grandmother could have done a better job for this team the Pace, Scott, Slauson, or Howard. I just can't see us not improving in 90% of the areas we replace this year. Landry being the only downgrade but that shouldn't be an issue with Revis back. Revis and Holmes will be back improving our core and maybe Pouha too. We have a lot of young and improving players and not a lot of aging vets anymore. Really out side of Pouha and maybe Harris I don't think we have a lot of past their prime guys on the team right now. Yeah we are likely to add a few but not long term and they will likely only play roles not be full time starters.