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Thread: take the best players available

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    take the best players available

    1-barkavious mingo - o.l.b.
    2-eddie lacy -r.b. alabama
    3-oday aboushi-o.t.virginia
    4-zack dysert q.b.
    5-bruce taylor-i.l.b.
    6-jj wilcox-s.s.
    7-gabe ekard-o.g.

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    where should we take them?

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    Lacy would not be BPA in the 2nd 3rd still no IMO. He is 4th round talent that will go early do to a very poor RB class.

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    Couldnt we just get maybin back and draft someone other then mingo?

    I like aboushi as a RT prospect but would rather see us get jones in the second round.

    Lacy is gonna get very overdrafted and I dont see it being by the Jets.

    I like Bruce Taylor (VTech kid right?) he can rush the passer and just seemsl like a decent all around player.


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