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Thread: Duped?

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    It seemed to me that at the beginning of the season, the Jets had potential. Hell, I even bought a PSL (now, I'm thinking of upgrading it, someone talk me out it!)...but I thought the Tebow idea was going to be the wildcat 2.0 I thought Sanchez had talent and that adding Tebow might be more than a novelty but a legit new type offense. I believed Rex.

    Fast forward to now: Clearly there was no plan to use Tebow, Sanchez (for a variety of reasons) is moving backwards and Rex is a changed man.

    I look at other teams around the league and don't see this entertainment type atmosphere. It's more about in point: my friend who is a giants fan goes to a game with me and comments on the cheerleaders...they dance the whole game unrelated to what's going on with the game itself. Maybe it's time for the Jets to stop playing games off the field and focus on the game on the field!

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    We're the WWE of the football world. It's all about sports entertainment for us.

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    Jets have one of the worst offenses in the league. And have a bottom 5 coach. This coming season is going to be one of the worst in a long long while. I'll watch, cheer and pray i'm wrong. But the expectations are the lowest then they have been since Bill P. came here.

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    I'm just hoping that it's not another Kotite type wins at home and rain.


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