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Thread: NJ Mayors To Withhold Emergency Services For 2014 Super Bowl

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    This event is a financial bonanza for somebody or for multiple somebodies. This are the folks who should be stuck with the bill.

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    While business owners and NFL officials are beaming with excitement in anticipation of next year's Super Bowl, leaders of several municipalities near MetLife Stadium aren't as enthused.

    The municipal officials, including Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli, are protesting the lack of reimbursement from both the Giants and Jets for municipal services, including police and firefighters.

    "We're talking about the Super Bowl, this is a whole different animal," Gonnelli said today.

    In a statement released last week, Gonnelli said that he would lead a concerted effort to ask the region's towns to not participate in any Super Bowl planning that will require the towns to pick up the costs.

    "The (Meadowlands area) mayors got together and this is our first shot over the bow," Gonnelli said. "We've been told we'll need to send equipment out there and we told them, 'You're not getting it.'"

    Gonnelli said that due to a deal the teams struck with acting Gov. Richard Codey when the stadium was built, local municipalities that provide assistance during stadium events are not reimbursed for the services, leaving a large burden on taxpayers.

    "It's the number one revenue stadium in the country (according to Billboard)," Gonnelli said. "It's a money machine that's not shared with any of the surrounding towns."

    According to Billboard, between November 2011 and November 2012, the stadium grossed more than $46 million, excluding Giants and Jets games.

    Gonnelli said that he and other mayors were rebuffed when they asked the Giants and Jets, who own the stadium, to contribute some of the profit to the Meadowlands tax-sharing fund.
    "We asked to get $1 of each parking ticket (valued at $50) and we can't even get a dollar," Gonnelli said.
    Carlstadt Mayor William Roseman added, "The teams have never been good corporate neighbors to the region. ... While we are forced to lay off police officers, the owners of the Jets and Giants are filling their pockets at taxpayers' expense."

    Gonnelli hopes that as the Super Bowl approaches, Gov. Chris Christie or team representatives will contact the municipalities with an offer to reimburse them.

    "Governor Christie is a guy that gets things done," Gonnelli said. "We're hoping that he can help us on this issue."

    Officials from MetLife Stadium were not immediately available for comment.


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