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Thread: Superbowl Saturday? It's possible!

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    assuming that if it snows they move it to sunday?

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    not for nothing but i think it was an idiotic decision to award the game to nyc in the first place, for exactly this reason. snow storms complicate things. sure. it snows all the time, and if people decide to miss the game because of biggie...but you can't skip the super bowl like you can skip game 6 in New England during a snow storm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PocketJet View Post
    Weak fan?? LMAO, yeah, that's why I went to the super bowl - I was a weak fan.
    It was 10 wonderful years with my 2 brothers and father. We did the NFL Experience on all day Saturday. Weak fans like to do that too! Had great dinners at top restaurants each evening. Took in a memorable game each time. Bonded.
    But, I am a weak fan. OK - I would not have traded that experience for anything. The weather being warm made it perfect to get around and have a fantastic time and enjoy an equally great experience and game.
    My bad man... didn't mean to imply you were weak. Just that the average SB antendee wants to be pampered and be comfortable at the expense of a real football game.
    If regular season and playoff games are played in all types of weather, the Superbowl should be too. Couldn't care less if people whine about it. I'm rooting for a big snow or ice bowl this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    At this point they could do a virtual halftime show from somewhere else, it doesn't have to be on the field. Then you wouldn't have to make it longer to accommodate trucking the stage and amps in and out etc
    That wouldn't be very fair to the fans who paid to watch the game/halftime show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by revischrist View Post
    That wouldn't be very fair to the fans who paid to watch the game/halftime show.
    Really? Someone paid to watch the halftime show? Isn't that mostly for the benefit of the TV audience anyway?


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