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Thread: Steve Weatherford

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    Westhoff is awesome at kickoff return strategy and punt return strategy. His kicker evaluation, both kicker and punter, has been spotty. Doug Brien, Mike Nugent, Jay Feely, Nick Folk, Reggie whats his face, Weatherford, Ben Graham, etc... None have been all that great. And make no mistake that move for Nugent was made no doubt because Westhoff was singing his praises to the moon. No way we would have drafted a kicker in the second without Mike claiming he was the next Janikowski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    This is old news. He had a terrible relationship with Westy. Westy was hard on him. Rumor is that after 2010 he told his agent that if the Jets called to not answer the phone.

    I can't blame either of them. Westy's track record speaks for itself and Weatherford has turned into a good punter for the Giants. Maybe it just wasn't a good marriage. Sh!t happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDJETS View Post
    Yes, impeccable logic...
    The dude is a f***ing punter. Let's be real here. He isn't a quarterback. No one thinks of that Giants playoff run and says to themselves: "Gee, Steve Weatherford's awesome punting single handedly won us a few games during that push". The only thing that he's remembered for that year is being jacked as sh*t, calling out Westhoff, and running around dropping the f bomb after Tynes kicked the FG to get them to the Super Bowl.

    Can a great punter help? Sure he can. But he isn't a great punter like Lechler is so the true impact he has is likely going to be pretty minimal. And IIRC, he was absolutely abysmal for us in the 2010-2011 playoffs. Not so sure about 09 but that really doesn't matter. He didn't get along with the coaches and he wasn't worth the money he was due to get. We have Malone who is cheaper and as of right now has been really solid.

    In short: GFY Weatherford, you're a punter. You say you're 30 years old and want to be treated with respect? Then stop b*tching like a 16 year old girl about how mean Mr. Westhoff hurt your feelings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaJets View Post
    Weatherford is a whiny *****. I remember watching Hard Knocks when he was with the Jets and the dude had so much gel in his hair in team meetings that a slapping was warranted. It's training camp and you're surrounded by big sweaty men, why the f do you need to fix up your faux-hawk?
    Lol punters don't sweat.

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    Cro is the father of like 12, how should he be treated... :-)


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