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Thread: Time for Sanchez to walk the walk

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfan789 View Post
    Pretty arrogant to call it money he did nothing to get. Much of Sanchez's value was placed in what he did in his first two years on those two playoff runs, where some fans (many of whom later called for Tanny's firing over the same contract they praised) saw him as our next Namath. It's not like we went 6-10 for two years and then gave him the contract.
    Nothing arrogant about it. He got paid for those two seasons. That contract is what is in the past. It doesn't f*cking apply to what happened just last offseason. If he didn't whine about his pay then he should keep his f*cking mouth shut now.

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    Sanchez needs to walk the road to the Airport and another team.


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