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Thread: montee ball

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegi5894 View Post
    As per the CMart comparisons....

    I don't usually watch a lot of college ball, but luckily got to watch a lot of montee because my good friend is a Wisconsin fan and I'd go watch the badgers with him at the bar a good bit.

    I'd say he's like CMart in that he's not flashy and he excels at following his blockers. He happened to have one of the better o lines in football and that worked to his advantage. He also lacks the blinding speed or run you over ability that CMart also lacked. Still tho, I love guys with vision, who have the patience to wait behind blockers for the hole to develop.

    The biggest difference is that montee seems a little smaller than CMart and can catch the ball well out of the backfield. This is the biggest difference between them, and also the biggest reason why I think he would work well in the WCO.

    Still tho, I'd rather nail a guy like Stephan Taylor, who is basically a prototype WCO RB, or lacy who's skills are lucrative enough to take and simply hope or rely on the fact that he can work himself into the system based off pure talent.
    I'm not attacking...... I'm just curious. You think that Ball's stats might be more a product of the good o-line play, correct? However, you'd rather take a guy like Lacy, whom played behind an o-line that was probably better than Wisco's..... AND, doesn't fit the WCO?

    I'm not a fan of either...... I'd much rather have Benard, Randle or Franklin, for that matter.

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    Rd 1: Warmack
    Rd 2: Ball
    Rd 3: Rambo

    Me likey. All 3 of them would start immediately and contribute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post
    Rd 1: Warmack
    Rd 2: Ball
    Rd 3: Rambo

    Me likey. All 3 of them would start immediately and contribute.
    Would be a decent haul but what about the passrush?


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