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Thread: Mike Mayock draft notes call today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 124 View Post
    Mayock is hands down the best in the business. Mel Kiper is a fool and Todd McShay is all over the board. As far as Chance Warmack is concerned: IF he slides to 9, he's the no-brainer pick. However, I have a hard time seeing him last past Cleveland.
    I can't stand NFL Network but I will tolerate it because of him (Mayock).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickBri481 View Post
    Supposedly Mayock is a great scout, but listening to him call games on TNF and for Notre Dame, he is just brutal. There is a difference though between having the knowledge and being able to articulate it well, he fails at the latter.
    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    I like how Mayock calls a game. He does it from a scouts perspective and is actually pretty critical of players. He may not be eloquent, but what he has to say is pretty informative.
    Sorry, but i have to agree with slick. I love mayock and this is his time of the year to shine, but he's better talking tape, then covering a game. In the heat of the moment i need Gus Johnson, not HAL 3000

    Quote Originally Posted by dustykeller View Post
    Mayock ran down Vontaze Burfict pretty bad last year. Now Mayock looks like an idiot.
    Is your brain constipated. Mayock didn't run him down, Vontaze ran himself down. Nobody drafted him because he was a circus. Both on and off the field. I'm happy for Burfict that he turned things around, but there's 100x people like him who go down flames every year.


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