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Thread: Ideas to fix qb position

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    Ideas to fix qb position

    Think we should get Flynn by trade, packaged with Tebow going to them - back up to Wilson in same type of offense, then draft Mike Glennon out of NC State.

    Let McElroy and Glennon fight for a position, have Sanchez and Flynn duke it out for starter.

    What ideas do some of you out there have???

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    Make sure Matt Flynn's contract gives you an out to cut him after this upcoming year. If that is possible, send the sqwaks a conditional 5th and get him in here. Give him a year and if you dont see talent, cut him and draft a qb in next years draft.

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    Why would Seattle do that? Just wait fot Tbow to be cut if they want him. (Doubtful).
    More likley a trade to a team for a pick, which would be greater value for Sea.
    Everybody is not waiting for the Jets to screw them. Lots of these teams have savvy GMs. The Jets have a new, ujnproven guy. Maybe he's good, maybe not. He needs to prove it.

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    Sign David Carr to a 2 year deal and draft Barkley and Tuel. Cut all 3 bums we have. Not likely to happen but this is best case IMO.

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    matt flynn has to be the target at this point.

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    Jeremy Kerley.


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