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Thread: How is this legal?

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    How is this legal?

    'Mantyhose' Are The Latest Hot Trend In Menswear
    Ashley Lutz | Jan. 28, 2013, 12:43 PM | 8,447 | 19

    Meggings are so last year.
    Metropolitan men in Europe and the U.S. are rushing to buy "mantyhose," which are tights for men.
    Its definitely become a trend for men in Europe. Its fun for them to wear, and you can see the color and patterns standing out [from] their shoes...They wear the tights with shorts, under jeans that have holes, under pants to stay warm in colder climates, or just to lounge around, Designer Lisa Cavallini told Women's Wear Daily. The interest is also growing in the U.S. market, and weve had so many requests for mantyhose that weve added an extra-large size for men who are 6 feet tall and weigh up to 198 pounds.
    Lisa is the daughter of legendary menswear designer Emilio Cavallini and runs his namesake brand.
    The Emilio Cavallini tights retail for $40 and come in prints including barbed-wire, dots, and crossword puzzle.
    A website called offered a few tips for men looking to capitalize on the trend.
    Choose the right size. A weight and height chart is usually on the packaging.
    Be careful putting them on. Be sure to clip your toenails so that they don't rip the delicate fabric.
    Choose a color that matches the tone of your pants or top. Apply the same rules as you do for socks.
    If you don't shave your legs, choose a pair of hose that are at least a shade darker than your leg hair.

    That meteor last had potential.

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    In about 20 years, our country will be a whole bunch of "It's Pat" characters.

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    Next we'll start dining on exotic cheeses and fancy wines.


    Oh God

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    I wasn't sure exactly how gay this was until the last line:

    If you don't shave your legs, choose a pair of hose that are at least a shade darker than your leg hair.

    So a scale of 1-10, 10 being trannies in a gay pride parade, this is 11.5.


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