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So last year when we were a total shambles we almost beat the pats in foxborough, and stayed in the playoff hunt late into the season, but now we are nuts to think they have a shot to beat anybody next year?

I get your opinion that you don't think they will be good next year, but to suggest we are nuts for thinking there is a chance? Really? Anybody think seattle would be good this year? The list goes on and on. We may be "nuts", but to say a team has no chance in feb for a season that starts in 7 months later in sept is completely REATARDED. Yes, retarded. Full retard.
First be more aware that posters here may have a family member that is mentally challenged.

2nd, I never said that the jets could not win games next year, just that they are not in a position to compete for a championship.

how did the jets ability to compete with the pats last your October have to do with next year when fully 1/2 of the starters may be gone next year.

The jets were not in the playoff hunt, they were just not mathematically eliminated. having to win every game and have 3 other teams only win one game with 4 games to go in the season is "not in the hunt"

I did not say fans were nuts for believing that the jets could contend, but nuts if they take a shortsighted view by signing mid range Free agents at the expense of future cap space. Fans can be optimistic, teams have to be pragmatic.

Last, I don't even know why i am responding to your post.