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Thread: Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons to court Shonn Greene

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    shone green

    the problem was not shone green.the problem was the jets offenive line and the loss of tony richardson as the lead blocker. if he goes to a team like atlanta.for sure he will put up numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LockeJET View Post
    Greene is a 1000 yard back the last 2 years on a pretty crappy offensive talented team.

    If he goes to good offensive team they will be happy to have him. On both teams he will be in a rotation which will help him overall.
    Quote Originally Posted by sdJETSetter View Post

    Greene is not flashy, pretty one dimensional, and below average at pass catching...still, he can contribute.

    Personally id like to have him back merely for his work ethic, but lets keep it real here in the 2013: Greene's worth is diluted because of the position he plays. Its just too easy to find a 3.4 ypc guy these days.
    I'm with you guys....he's not terrible - he simply belongs in a rotation. If he goes to Atlanta and shares carries with Jacquizz Rogers, he will be very effective. 10-12 carries a game average and he can be very effective. Will likely be healthier and more rested at the end of the season.

    No real reason to come back to the Jets, but if I were another team looking for a guy to share - not carry - the load, I would happily consider Greene.

    While I think that the stats people rely on to put our OLine in the Top 5 or Top 10 are crap, our sh!t passing game didn't do much to help out Greene. His lack of breaking tackles may very well have to do with 3 guys tackling him at the same time, as opposed to one ankle tackle. With Roddy White and J. Jones as WRs, I suspect he will do quite well as a Falcon, should he end up going there.

    Interesting to see how much he'll get. Michael Bush got something along the lines of 4yr/$14 million, but I suspect there's fluff in those numbers.

    He'll probably get a few million SB with $1.5m in salary the first couple of years and be cuttable in year 3. Just a guess.

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    i don't think Greene gets much money on the open market. Teams don't depend on a one running back approach anymore, and Greene's lack of play making ability has been well documented.

    still, i don't think the Jets bring him back because he doesn't fit their west coast offense. He can't catch, and isn't good in space.. so unless they're bringing him in to be a short yardage/goal line guy, it doesn't make sense.

    i like Greene and wish him well. he had some great playoff games for us, and in the few times where he looked motivated to play (one game this year comes to mind where he was implementing spin moves) he's shown flashes of the RB the jets hoped they were getting... and not the "3/4 yards straight ahead, fall down" they got.


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